Deep Breathing with Icy & Lauren

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The Science:

Breathe in 1, 2, 3 and out for 3, 2, 1.

By focusing on the rhythm of our breathing, we generate electrical activity in the brain that improves memory. Also referred to as diaphragmatic breathing, deep breathing has many proven benefits including a healthier heart, decreased stress levels, improved mood, and increased energy levels. Deep breathing is a simple mindful practice that will foster a culture of wellness within your school community.

How To Use Phragming 2:

Phragming 2 is one of twenty-nine new closing videos accessible to Move This World partner schools. Phragming 2 is an example of a shorter video focused on practicing a specific self-management strategy.

The purpose of Phragming 2 is to provide an opportunity to practice healthy self-regulation techniques Phragming 2 can be used at any point during the day to help you and your students find a moment of pause in order to reset, recenter and refocus. Use this 3-minute video as your personal guide to de-stressing and regulating your emotions - just press play, it’s that easy!

Move This World is social emotional learning program that provides PreK-12 educators and students with video tools to strengthen their social & emotional well-being in order to create healthy environments where effective teaching and learning can occur. Through evidence-based, developmentally appropriate videos that open and close the school day, Move This World ritualizes a daily practice of identifying, expressing and managing emotions.

Schedule a call with an educational wellbeing consultant to learn more about Move This World and how a Tier 1, foundational social emotional learning support can benefit staff and students.  

Here are some examples of how to use Phragming 2 in your classroom, school or office…

  • Teachers and students:

    • De-stress before and after exams and tests.

    • Make your transitions between classes and subject areas more intentional.

    • Center your classroom after lunch, recess, or physical education.

  • Parents:

    • Help your children calm down during their bedtime ritual.

    • Provide a moment for your child to de-escalate after a conflict with a sibling or friend.

  • Managers:

    • Open and close staff meetings to provide a moment to re-center.

    • Give yourself a moment to pause at your desk before diving into the day ahead.

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