Tools For Healthy Self Expression

Move This World's e-learning platform guides you through the self-paced course of developmentally aligned, grade-level specific video tools to holistically integrate a regular practice of emotional awareness, expression, and management into the instructional day.

Help students leave outside stressors behind and transition into a supportive learning environment. Because you can't learn when you're afraid.



How It Works


Move This World’s evidence-based, PreK-12 digital tools are used twice daily to transition in and out of your instructional day. Our tools align with the five core social-emotional competencies as defined by the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning and are scaffolded within the platform to provide a guided coursework for educators to introduce Social Emotional Learning concepts that build upon one another throughout the school year. Each tool is no longer than 5 minutes, requires no lesson prep, and can be followed alongside your students.

It’s as easy as pressing "play."

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What Makes Us Different


Whether it’s a high five, a dance or even a smile, some thoughts or emotions are better expressed through gestures or movement than articulated through spoken word. Move This World takes learning back to the basics, focusing on connecting mind and body through movement. Movement is one of the most elementary forms of creative expression, allowing us to explore various concepts of Social Emotional Learning through imitation, synchronous movement, & motoric cooperation.


Accessible 24/7


Subscribe to the first digital Social Emotional Learning (SEL) solution of its kind. Our guided coursework makes embedding 2-3 minutes of instructional SEL into your curriculum every day as easy as pressing “play.” Accessible on any device from your desktop to your smartphone, our digital tools are available twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, with ongoing resources, coaching and support from your designed MTW trainer and community of education practitioners. 


Ritualizing Emotional Wellbeing


Move This World tools are used to open and close every single school day. This process of ritualizing emotional wellbeing allows school leaders to actively shape the climate and culture of their schools by creating a common language for emotional expression and management among their classrooms. Empathy is a muscle we must flex every day.


How Do We Measure?


Move This World utilizes a triangulated, system-wide approach to monitoring program quality, evaluating effectiveness and measuring school-wide impact. Through our partnership with the Curry School of Education at the University of Virginia, we have identified means for meaningfully engaging all parties throughout our partners’ ecosystems. Our programs measure climate and culture change in schools, evaluating such measures as: student suspensions, incident reports and truancy, as well as, teacher attrition and program efficacy. 



Why Is Social Emotional Learning Important?


Without empathy, children are more susceptible to developing antisocial and self-destructive behaviors both in and out of the classroom. Move This World’s instructional platform enhances your students’ capacities to identify and manage emotions, appreciate diverse perspectives, resolve conflict in a healthy manner, and develop interpersonal skills to effectively communicate -- every single day.