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SEL Training That Moves You

During Move This World professional development workshops, we won’t ask you to sit behind a table, fill out worksheets or watch a PowerPoint presentation - we’re asking you to get up and move. Movement and play is a fundamental part of what it means to be human. That’s why our sessions include laughter, play, and expression. Take a new, interactive approach to professional development and skip the lengthy lectures.

Move This World’s SEL training and professional development focuses on educator wellness, building communication and leading with empathy. Give your educators the tools they need to create safe and supportive learning environments.


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Strengthen Your Staff's Resilience

The W-2 may list teacher, but we know an educator’s job description really includes nurse, friend, social worker and so much more. The trends are clear: 78% of teachers report feeling overwhelming levels of stress,  8% of teachers are leaving the profession every year, and enrollment in teacher preparation programs has dropped by 35% in the last five years. By prioritizing and investing in the emotional intelligence of your staff, you are preparing them for success inside and outside of the classroom. SEL training for staff provides educators with the tools they need to manage stress and build resilience. Healthy and happy teachers contribute to a positive school culture and more successful students.



Foster a Deeper Connection

Sure, everyone loves happy hour and a ropes course, but what happens when you leave the bar or campground? Move This World’s experiential professional development is about peeling back layers and discovering the root causes of stress, conflict and disconnect in your school. Prepare to unlock a deeper level of understanding and connection between staff members, including: improved communication skills, increased collaboration, stronger feelings of empathy, greater respect for one another, and a renewed sense of community.  

professional development, stress, conflict, communication skills, collaboration, empathy, respect for others, community building 

identifying emotions, expressing emotions, managing emotions, SEL training, core social emotional competencies, manage stress

SEL Skills That Stick

By partnering with Move This World for professional development, you are taking a step towards creating a sustainable action plan for identifying, expressing and managing emotions both inside and outside of the classroom. Through our half and full day SEL training options, your staff will build core social emotional competencies to manage stress or resolve conflict when it manifests, no matter where they may be.


"I have gained a reflective perspective about myself and how I respond to situations. With others being trained, we will all begin to work together towards a common good."

- Debra Washington, Teacher, Howard County Public Schools

Debra Washington, Teacher, Howard County Public Schools
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Select Your Session

educator wellness, teacher wellbeing, managing stress, mindfulness, emotional awareness, school culture

Educator Wellness Series

This session focuses on:

  • Optimizing and managing stress
  • Practicing mindfulness
  • Developing emotional awareness (particularly within the classroom environment)
  • Improving school culture
  • Identifying areas for improving internal support systems and recognizing opportunities to take action
communication skills, diversity appreciation, positive relationships, effective staff support, collaboration

Team Building Series

This session focuses on:

  • Improving communication skills amongst staff
  • Supporting diverse perspectives
  • Identifying others' emotions and reading body language
  • Strengthening relationships for improved productivity
  • Creating action plans for effective staff support 
  • Defining next steps for increased collaboration
communication, resilience, problem solving, conflict resolution

Empathetic Leadership

This session focuses on:

  • Cultivating an environment for clear communication
  • Strengthening the emotional resilience of your staff
  • Building a "problem-solving" culture
  • Implementing strategies for conflict resolution
  • Leading effectively and inspiring your team

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