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What is Move This World?


Move This World (MTW) is a social emotional learning program that provides multimedia content for districts, schools and teachers to develop social skills and strengthen emotional intelligence within PreK through high school students. The program is hosted on Move This World’s online platform, which is easily accessible through the Move This World website. The course and integrated resources are available to teachers twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. That means constant access to Move This World’s platform, including: educational videos, social emotional learning resource library, interactive discussion boards, and a designated educational wellbeing consultant.


How does Move This World work?




The Move This World curriculum is delivered through evidence-based, developmentally appropriate videos used to open and close the instructional time - it’s as easy as pressing “play.” Students and teachers are able to use Move This World emotional management strategies to effectively respond to challenges and conflicts throughout the day.

Evidence-based, developmentally appropriate educational videos, emotional management strategies, conflict resolutio

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Administrators and teachers can access Move This World’s social emotional learning resource library, which provides them with additional SEL lessons plans, exercises and research to meet student needs. A wide variety of topics are covered including: classroom management, bullying prevention, stress management,  conflict resolution, problem solving, collaboration, empathy and resilience.





Administrators and teachers can also engage with classrooms, students and teachers across the country through interactive discussion boards. This opportunity for collaboration provides educators  a chance to share ideas and problem solve together. By sharing unique experiences, teachers and students  build empathy and respect for one another.

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Move This World’s program isn’t simply dropped off at the door. Administrators and teachers receive ongoing support throughout the school year from a dedicated Move This World educational wellbeing consultant. The consultant works with schools to reach their goals, such as: strengthening emotional intelligence, transforming school culture, improving classroom management, and decreasing behavior incidents.



The Curriculum

Move This World’s curriculum aligns with the five social emotional learning core competencies as defined by the Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL) and is reviewed annually by the American Institute of Research. The curriculum is scaffolded so that skills build upon one another throughout the school year.

Move This World’s curriculum focuses on skills within each social emotional learning core competency. There are some skills that are continuously developed within each unit and serve as overarching themes throughout the school year. Students engage in work that encourages them to share their feelings, their challenges and their strengths. Through this work they learn emotional management strategies, build trust, develop empathy and improve their communication skills.


Move This World Classroom Programs

Move This World offers social emotional learning programs that strengthen skills within the five core SEL competencies.

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