Acceptable Use of the Internet and E-Mail

Move This World, Inc. encourages the use of the Internet and email because they make communication more efficient and effective. However, Internet service and email are Move This World, Inc. property, and they are to be used to assist you in the performance of Move This World, Inc. business. It is permissible to use Move This World, Inc. email and Internet system for incidental personal purposes if the use does not: (i) interfere with the user’s work performance, (ii) interfere with any other user’s work performance, (iii) have undue impact on the operation of the computer system, or (iv) violate any other provision of this policy or any other policy, guideline or standard of Move This World, Inc. Personal use of the computer system is a privilege that may be revoked at any time. Every employee has a responsibility to maintain and enhance the Company’s public image and to use Company email and Internet access in a productive manner. Employees should have no expectation of privacy in their use of Move This World, Inc. internet access, email, telephones, or other communications devices.