At MTW we try to practice what we preach. All meetings will begin with a centering and end with a closing. We execute a number of different meetings:


Move This Day
Daily movement exercises, guided meditation, breathing exercises or perhaps even yoga. Move This Day takes places all days at 12:30-12:45pm. We keep this space free and sacred.


Global All-Staff
Monthly meetings about the state of the organization, updates, news and plans.


Global Fireside Chats
More informal monthly chats about the future of the organization, ideas, strategy and concepts.


Monthly Lunches
On the first Wednesday of every month, the Staff will come together for lunch to look ahead at the month and discuss what they are working on, what deadlines are coming up, and the general status of departmental affairs.


One on Ones
We hold weekly one-on-one meetings with our supervisors to ask questions, discuss key issues, trouble shoot problems and check-in on how we're doing. It is not our supervisor's responsibility to drive those agendas; it's our opportunity to share what we're thinking about that week.