Move This World | 2016 EXSEL: Regional Trainings

NYC: May 14 | Baltimore: May 21

You‘re invited to join other visionary educators and school leaders for Move This World’s Spring 2016 Regional Training: EXSEL (EXperiential Social-Emotional Learning). Build the capacity to cultivate social and emotional wellbeing for yourself and your students through daily classroom practices and trauma-informed pedagogy.

Choose your training dates and location : May 14 in New York City or May 21 in Baltimore and get ready for a transformational experience.

What to Expect:

  • Trainees will increase their mastery of Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) praxis through exposure to MTW’s creative-based, trauma-informed pedagogy. This experiential training will increase and grow educators’ and mental health professionals’ foundational tools, skills and understanding of SEL as a priority for every individual, in every classroom in every school.
  • HUGE Savings on Virtual Tools classroom subscriptions
  • Certificate of Completion for 14 hours of Professional Development

Get your tickets today at:

David Roddy