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It’s no secret that social and emotional learning programs provide immediate and long term benefits for students in terms of mental health, social skills and academic achievement.


What is Move This World?

Move This World provides PreK-12 educators and students with a set of evidence-based and developmentally aligned digital tools and videos. Students will open and close each day with a short video that ritualizes the process of identifying, expressing and managing emotions. This process allows teachers and school leaders to actively shape school culture by creating a common language for emotional expression. The Move This World platform also provides teachers with additional classroom resources and research from the field.

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What will you receive with your free trial?

  • Move This World video tools to open and close your school day.
  • Access to the Move This World library, filled with classroom resources and research from the field.
  • An overview of the full Move This World curriculum.
  • Information on getting Move This World started in your classroom.

Want to learn more about Move This World?

Visit our website or send us a message.

Move This World helps students understand, express and manage their emotions in a healthy way...The daily rituals promote self-expression, team building and acceptance which helps them to tap into their full academic (1).png