How Do You #XpressYourself?

Written by Founder and CEO, Sara Potler LaHayne

As Move This World celebrates another milestone with the beginning of our fall programs, I am reflective of the deep impact we have had on people’s lives. Participants walk out of a Move This World session beaming with confidence and a greater understanding of different ways they can express themselves. They have the skills to not only address their own wellbeing when they are in a stressful situation but also help others who are struggling with a problem.

Yet we understand that training people with self-awareness and emotional management is only one piece of the puzzle. In order for individuals to thrive, we need to foster environments where healthy self-expression is valued. A strong CEO requires a company that can support her emotional fortitude and resilience in the same way that a congressman needs a forum that can support honest and authentic political dialogue. In all environments including home, school and work, we need to provide spaces for authentic and healthy self-expression. These skills can no longer be relegated towards alternative spaces but need to be acknowledged as essential for the root of individual and societal change.

Last month we hosted a Global Summit to convene practitioners and thought leaders from all sectors to strengthen the connections among social and emotional well-being, creative expression and the different sectors of our lives. I invite each of you to find your forum to express yourself and build the movement with us.


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