You can't learn when you're afraid.

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Safe and Supportive Learning Environments

Move This World's social emotional learning program ritualizes a daily practice of identifying, expressing and managing emotions. By creating a safe place for students and teachers to authentically express themselves, we create environments where effective teaching and learning can occur.

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"I'm so impressed with my students ability to name the stressors that they're feeling. This is something that even adults struggle with. They've been doing a great job identifying exactly what is causing them stress and then matching it to a Move This World Emoger [emotional management strategy] to help them calm down. They're now able to take a quick moment and reset."

 Rachel Keim, Teacher, Metro Nashville Public Schools


We're here to help strengthen social emotional learning across the country.

Move This World, social emotional learning program

Accessible Anywhere. Anytime.

Our online learning platform is accessible on any device from your desktop to your cell phone, 24/7. That means at any time of the day, the tools you need to manage stress are right at your fingertips. 

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It's Science


The percentage of time high school students spend being "stressed" in school

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Over 75% of doctors visits are for specifically stress-related ailments

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of workers worldwide are emotionally disconnected from their workplaces & less likely to be engaged

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