Improving School and Classroom Culture Through Social Emotional Learning

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

4:00 PM Eastern Time



Social emotional learning benefits students in both the short and long term. SEL has been linked to improving academic achievement, classroom behavior, and mental health.

Through effective SEL programming students and teachers strengthen their ability to manage their emotions, communicate effectively and empathize with others. The social and emotional competence of every school community member can directly impact the school climate. In order to create healthy school climates where effective teaching and learning can occur, we must strengthen the social and emotional competencies of every educator and student. 

During the webinar, participants will...

  • Identify what skills students should develop within the five core social emotional learning competencies 

  • Explain how social emotional learning and school climate are interrelated

  • Describe easy-to-use strategies to implement social emotional learning in your classroom or school 

  • Explore how social emotional learning can be measured 

  • Identify best practices for implementing social emotional learning programs

Presenters: Katie Fallone and Jennifer Money of Move This World


What is Move This World?

Move This World (MTW) is a social emotional learning program that provides multimedia content for districts, schools and teachers to develop social skills and promote emotional health within PreK through 12 students.


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Move This World helps students understand, express and manage their emotions in a healthy way...The daily rituals promote self-expression, team building and acceptance which helps them to tap into their full academic (1).png