A New Kind of Staff Development

Manage Mindfully also offers three staff development workshops, which focus on employee wellness, relationship building and empathetic leadership. Through hands-on, experiential staff development workshops, we’ll equip your employees with tools and techniques for stress management and emotional resilience.



Invest In The Success Of Your Team

Manage Mindfully’s staff development workshops give your staff the opportunity to connect with their colleagues and most importantly, themselves. Peel back the layers and address the root causes of stress, conflict, and disconnect - prepare to tap into a deeper level of understanding between you and your staff. Manage Mindfully is an interactive approach to staff development training; we won’t be asking you to sit behind a table, fill out worksheets or watch PowerPoint presentations.


Emotional Intelligence (EI) is a crucial skill in the workplace that provides you with the ability to manage your emotions healthily for more cohesive, empathetic relationships. In fact, 71% of Hiring Managers note that emotional intelligence is more important than IQ.