A New Kind of Professional Development

Move This World’s experiential three-tiered professional development solutions focus on self, community & application to strengthen empathetic leadership in your school. Give your educators the training they need to recognize, identify and support the social emotional readiness to learn of their students to create safe and supportive learning environments.


Ready to bring Move This World professional development to your school, district or organization?


Supporting the Emotional Resiliency of Your Staff

The W-2 may list “teacher,” but we all know an educator’s job description really includes “nurse,” “friend,” “social worker” and so much more. Anywhere between 40-50% of teachers leave the classroom within their first five years - with 9.5% leaving before their first year. In investing in the emotional intelligence of your staff, not only are you preparing them for success in the classroom, but you’re also investing in their success as people.



Runs Deeper Than a Happy Hour

Sure everyone loves happy hours and ropes courses, but what happens when you leave the bar or campground? Experiential Professional Development is about peeling back layers and addressing roots causes of stress, conflict and disconnection in your school by accessing places of vulnerability that are difficult to reach through other mediums. Prepare to unlock a deeper level of understanding and connection between you and your staff.



Training That Moves You

At Move This World experiential Professional Development sessions, we’re not asking you to sit behind a table, fill out worksheets and watch a PowerPoint presentation - we’re asking you to get up and move. To play is such a fundamental part of what it means to be human, and that’s why our sessions include laughter, play, connection and expression. Take a new, interactive approach to Professional Development for your staff and skip the lengthy lectures.



Skills That Stick

When you partner with Move This World for Professional Development training, you are providing your staff with the ability to create sustainable action plans for emotional identification, expression and management both in and out of the classroom. While our training solutions are available for both half and full days, your staff will build the social and emotional competencies required to apply lessons learned whenever stress or conflict manifests, no matter where they may be.