Manage Mindfully: How It Works


Manage Mindfully guides users through a series of videos used to open and close your internal meetings. The online curriculum is scaffolded carefully to introduce concepts of mindfulness gradually, giving your employees time to strengthen their emotional intelligence and develop an authentic and engaged team dynamic where your staff can communicate openly and effectively.

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Ritualizing Emotional Wellbeing


Manage Mindfully allows employers to shape office culture by encouraging an ongoing practice of prioritizing wellbeing. In order to truly transform office culture, ritualization is key in creating a common language surrounding emotional wellbeing for healthier, more resilient workforces. When we give people the tools to manage their emotions, we’re able to be better listeners for our colleagues, communicate more effectively and produce at a higher level.



Accessible 24/7


From your desktop to your smartphone, the Manage Mindfully online platform is available twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, complete with ongoing resources, coaching and support. Our program makes embedding practices of emotional management and conflict resolution into the workplace as easy as pressing “play.”  



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