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Get Started

Move This World programming is just a click away. Our grade-level specific programming requires an annual subscription at the low price of $1 per day for each classroom. Every classroom gets their own unique login to the Move This World e-learning platform, ensuring every class receives their own unique, transformational experience.                 


What's Included

In addition to the tools, an annual subscription includes: classroom visuals, access to the e-learning platform, plus ongoing coaching and support from your friends at Move This World. The online platform features free resources like webinars hosted by our expert trainers and an online community of other champions of emotional wellbeing.


What to Expect

Implementation requires minimal preparation. Thanks to the guided coursework, facilitation is as easy as pressing "play." The tools are used to open and close your meetings as a way to avoid contaminating them with outside stress, allowing you to go in with a fresh start.  The 2-3 minute tools are designed to be as efficient as possible - that means more time for you to focus on, well, you.