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Getting Started

Partnering with Move This World is just a click away.

  1. Purchase an annual subscription for your intraoffice departments.
  2. Create logins for your department leaders.
  3. Begin.



What's Included

In addition to the Manage Mindfully tools, an annual subscription includes access to the e-learning platform featuring free resources like webinars hosted by our expert trainers and fresh, innovative content from thought leaders championing emotional wellbeing. Plus your friends at Move This World will be here to provide coaching and support along the way.   


What to Expect

We know you're busy. That's why every tool is designed to last no longer than 3 minutes and require no preparation whatsoever. These tools are used to open and close your meetings as a way to avoid contaminating them with outside stress, allowing you to go in with a fresh start. The guided coursework allows you & your team to focus on your own emotional wellbeing with ease for a more productive, supportive work environment. Because wouldn't it be nice to actually look forward to your 9-6?