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Move This World has been growing dramatically over the past few years. This includes the need to handle the increasing complexity of program management, development, operations, human resources, and finances in a more concrete and streamlined way. This Portal is here to guide you through some of the changes initially, but hopefully over time the new systems and workflows will be so easy that the portal only serves as a cane you don't often need.

MTW Departments

Move This World is working in four main teams:

  • Development; works with philanthropy & fundraising
  • Program; works with program development, sales & delivery
  • Operations; works with finances, internal affairs & infrastructure
  • Communications; works with marketing, communications & design



Podio is an online collaboration platform that handles many, if not all, of our new procedures, data management and acts as a conduit between all our different functions. It enables us to link a Trainer to a Site Visit to a Partner School to a School District and thus create a link between all the different elements at play. It can seem overwhelming at first, but it is exceedingly simple once you get used to it.

Podio is divided into Workspaces and Applications. At Move This World we use a number of different Workspaces, each with their own specific purpose and each of them will have a number of Applications on them (some of them open, some of them hidden or restricted).


Board (Restricted)

This workspace is deployed to be used by the Board of Directors of Move This World. The workspace is restricted and access is only granted upon request.



This workspace handles the MTW Communications function. From our editorial calendar and newsletter management (though not subscribers), to incoming faxes.



This workspace is for the Development function of MTW. Fundraising and philanthropy is managed from here.


Operations (Restricted)

This workspace contains privileged and confidential information.


Financial (Restricted)

This workspace contains privileged and confidential information.


MTW Philippines

Not currently in use but will be maintained by our Philippines Operation.


Monitoring and Evaluation

Not currently in use but will be used by our Program office for evaluation and program monitoring.


Program Sales

Program Planning and Sales. Lead conversion. Account Management. It all takes places from here.


Program and Curriculum

Program Planning, evaluation, trainer management.



Our general intranet! This is the hub of most operations not specific to any given function or team.


Each Podio workspace changes from time to time (as Applications are added or removed). Feel free to head over to to start familiarizing yourself with the platform.

For now, head back to the menu, read our Guidelines and Policies, and then proceed to the New Hire intake form to make sure we have your information.

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