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By tapping into each individual’s creative potential, Move This World helps people understand, engage, express and manage their emotions healthily. Supported by the University of Virginia’s Curry School of Education and the Collaborative of Academic and Social and Emotional Learning, our programs have a solid grounding in research and are measured and evaluated through a data driven approach.

When Founder Sara Potler LaHayne first embarked as a Fulbright Scholar in Colombia in 2007, it struck her as odd that students in conflict ridden Bogota were being taught about empathy and compassion through textbooks. Students weren’t interested in reading about these important concepts.

One day at recess, watching several students rock out to reggaeton music on a boom box in the school parking lot, it clicked. She saw how inspired they were through their laughter and movement. It was then that she approached the school’s Physical Education teacher to discuss how she could use something all of the Colombian students loved – music and dance – to inspire those same social, emotional, and civic skills being taught in books.

The Move This World movement was born.

When Sara returned to the U.S. to launch the program in 2008, Sara and her team adapted the curriculum to respond to the various needs of schools, organizations and companies. Each program is tailored to the real needs of the local community while still remaining true to the universal values of empathy and expression Move This World upholds.

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