Samantha Blain

Samantha grew up in Monroe, New York with her eccentric and loving Cuban family. She graduated from Emerson College in Boston with a B.F.A. in Musical Theatre. She has performed regionally, Off-Broadway, and on national tours. Some highlights from her favorite Teaching Artist jobs have included the “Missoula Children’s Theatre” where she toured and directed a musical in both Spanish and English for students aged 5 to 18, and with the “Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey” where she co-directed and taught for the Senior and Junior Corps.

Why am I excited about Move This World: I am excited because there is finally an organization that believes in nurturing the “whole” child or adult not only intellectually, artistically, and physically, but also emotionally. I have experienced first hand that what seems like a simple movement exercises or games can in turn spark new self realizations and emotional awareness. There is nothing better than when a trainee has this kind of moment, and you see change happening right in front of your eyes. Change is the power of Move This World.