Molly Hogan

Molly is a lifelong learner with a passion for unlocking the true potential in everyone that she meets. She grew up in a small town in Connecticut, in a household of educators who were constantly encouraging her to learn, grow, and become the best version of herself. Drawn to the energy of New York City, she went to Manhattan College where she received her BS in Business Management. She went on to pursue her MA in Social Organizational Psychology from Teachers College, Columbia University with a concentration in Conflict Resolution. Throughout her career she has had a wide range of industry experience including the financial, retail and healthcare sectors. Her main focus has been on increasing workplace productivity, employee growth and development, and the physical and mental well-being of employees. Molly is an avid fitness enthusiast and believes that movement is the best medicine. You can usually find her running, hiking or exploring other forms of exercise in her free time. Molly is beyond excited to be with Move This World and work amongst other powerful change agents to help transform our schools, workplaces and communities.

Why I am excited about Move This World: I see the true potential in everyone and see the impact that the act of creative expression has on helping individuals tap into and unlock their true potential. Move This World empowers and helps to create powerful, beautiful, resilient and empathetic individuals and communities.