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The skills Move This World’s social emotional learning program builds extend outside of the classroom by providing students, teachers and leaders with the skills they need to manage their emotions in healthy and authentic ways. 

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Discover How These Schools & Districts

Move This World


Eastside Union School District, California

In this video, Eastside Union School District’s superintendent, principals and teachers describe how students have started to hold themselves and one another accountable for managing their emotions and resolving conflict in healthy ways.

Learn more about Eastside Union School District’s initiatives here.



Napier Elementary School, Metro Nashville Public Schools

In this video, Napier Elementary School’s principal and teachers explain the positive change they’ve seen in their students as a result of establishing a common language to discuss emotions.

Learn more about Napier Elementary Schools initiatives here. 



Sioux Falls School District, South Dakota

In this podcast, Superintendent Dr. Maher discusses the power of implementing social emotional learning daily and the positive impact Sioux Falls is seeing as a result.

Read more about the podcast here.



McComb School District, Mississippi

Learn why McComb School District made the decision to implement social emotional learning and the impact that their schools have seen. Read the case study here.



Rachel Keim, Teacher, Meigs Academic Magnet Middle School

"I'm so impressed with my students ability to name the stressors that they're feeling. This is something that even adults struggle with. They've been doing a great job identifying exactly what is causing them stress and then matching it to a Move This World Emoger (emotional management strategy) to help them calm down. They're now able to take a quick moment and reset."

Read more about the social emotional learning initiatives taking place at Meig's.


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Madisien Steele, Trauma Informed Practitioner, Fall-Hamilton Enhanced Option School

"Move This World has helped us create a common language across the school and has taught students emotional management skills. Since starting the program, I hear student encouraging one another and taking more proactive stance to helping one another. I see a difference in the faculty as well. They're putting these strategies to use for themselves, which is a powerful model for students."

Read more about how Fall-Hamilton is implementing trauma informed practices alongside social emotional learning.

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Ben Gilpin, Principal, Warner Elementary School   

“The opening day videos have helped teachers better identify which students need more support. The programming has been really impactful for teachers and staff. Students have shown positive improvements in their behavior and in demonstrating stronger emotional intelligence.”  

Read more about the innovative work Warner Elementary School is doing surrounding social emotional learning here.


Audria Johnson, Principal, Growth Public Schools, Social Emotional Learning

Audria Johnson, Principal, Growth Public Schools

"Move This World has  given our students an opportunity to develop and practice emotional management strategies. Even parents have noticed a difference. One set of parents approached me at a holiday event and they were near tears. They said their children seemed like completely different kids. They were able to calm themselves down and seemed to have a better understanding of their emotions. They often talked about Move This World at home and encouraged their parents to use their Emogers, too."

Read more about how Growth Public School has placed social emotional learning at the foundation of their school. 

Suzanne Gibbs, Teacher, Warner Elementary School, Social Emotional Learning

Suzanne Gibbs, Teacher, Warner Elementary School

"I can say wholeheartedly that in our classroom MTW has made a wonderfully positive impact. As in most classrooms there are kiddos who struggle with being in control of their emotions. In making MTW a daily routine, my kids have learned they can (and do) identify their feelings, and they're far more likely to do something constructive in order to be in control, rather than letting their emotions have control over them. It makes our classroom so much more pleasant and positive, and it helps kids feel empowered and better in their relationships!"

Read more about the innovative work Warner Elementary School is doing surrounding social emotional learning here.


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Michelle Allen, Principal, Icahn Charter School 4

"Move This World has helped our students to understand, engage, express, and manage their emotions in a healthy way. My students begin each day by watching and practicing along with a short Move This World video, which allows them to move around, breathe, take note of, and release any emotional stressors they may have carried into the classroom with them. The daily rituals promote self-expression, team building, and acceptance which subsequently helps them to tap into their full academic and creative potential and affords students the opportunity to greet each school day with an unburdened and open mind."  


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Madeline Scheffler, Teacher, New Bridges P.S. 532

"As busy, hardworking educators we rarely have time to stop and reflect about our day, let alone year. On top of that, there is never the time or setting to come together as a staff to openly reflect and share. With Move This World's professional development, we are able to be truthful with ourselves and with one another. These truths allow us to address some much needed struggles we all go through in a healthy way. I am so grateful to have been given the time and space to acknowledge all parts of my experience this year at school- not just my own lesson plans or student behavioral issues- but as a living, feeling, and breathing human who does challenging work alongside other adults day in and day out."

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Debra Washington, Teacher, Howard County Public Schools   

“This is my second training with Move This World. Once again, I have gained a reflective perspective about myself and how I respond to situations. With others being trained we will all begin to work together towards a common good.”  




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Carlos, 9th Grader, Renaissance Charter School 

"Move This World has improved my ability to express myself around others. Also being given the opportunity to work with the younger grades helped not only me, but all of us have better interactions with them since we do share the school environment with the younger grades."

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Tabassum, 11th Grader, Renaissance Charter School  

"I thank Move This World for having been part of my life. I felt a kind of freedom in me that allowed me to do things I would have never seen myself doing. I became more accepting and tolerant. I accepted my responsibilities in this program and I went through with them, which helped me to grow into a better person. Acceptance was probably the most important thing I learned this year. I can see thousands of opportunities where I can apply what I have learned and the skills that I have gained."  

Manage Mindfully

Move This World for the Workplace


Radhika Samant, Chief Financial Officer, Namely

"Being part of a high growth, fast paced environment brings challenges along with successes and it is important to carve out intentional time to center and ground ourselves so we can bring our best selves forward each and every day."  


Misty Bright, Managing Partner, Intupower

"I love the contribution that Move This World is making to the ripple effect that is taking place in the area of self development.” 


Kimi Mongello, Communications Designer, SumAll

"Working at a high growth, fast paced start-up, we were driving so much forward that often times there would be communication breakdowns among the team, especially between different divisions of the company- engineers to designers to product managers. Move This World gave us the tools needed to build trust and cultivate open communication across teams. I became better equipped to navigate difficult conversations and relieve stressful situations. These improvements gained more time for productivity and helped SumAll reach company wide goals." 

Adam Lowy, Founder & Executive Director, Move for Hunger

"Thanks again for sharing that exercise. The team really responded positively to it, and I can honestly say it was one of the best ways to kick off a meeting we've ever done."