[PAST] Webinar: Developing Effective Support Systems for Staff

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Panel Members: 

Jack Saul, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist Director, International Trauma Studies Program | Author, Collective Trauma, Collective Healing

Susan Purcell-Orleck, SEL Coordinator, Meigs Academic Magnet Middle School

Andrea Mial, Principal, Miner Elementary 

Adrienne Noakes, Dean of Students, Miner Elementary 


*This session first aired Wednesday, Dec. 7th

Join us for a panel discussion on the importance of ensuring systemic support for your school staff and how to develop a framework for new, effective initiatives. 

In this webinar, our panel experts will provide actionable solutions for developing systemic supports, as well as, addressing such questions as: 

  • Why is it important for schools to have systemic support for staff? 

  • What qualities determine an effective support system?

  • What should a principal or administrator be looking for when identifying areas of improvement in their existing support frameworks? How can they best qualify what's working and what's not? 

  • What are some actionable first steps a school can take to develop staff support systems?

Supported by research from our panel experts and insights from the field, we will provide a big picture overview of how effective staff support systems can reinvent the culture & morale of your school. 


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