How To Use SEL Data To Drive Growth


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[PAST] Thursday, February 23rd, 2017 4:00pm (EST)

Since we know Social Emotional Learning matters and that it can be improved, many schools collect and use data to better understand where their students’ social emotional learning competencies lie in order to set goals and to grow.

Join Move This World and Panorama Education to learn how to make the most of your social emotional learning initiatives by using data to drive the developmental growth of students and staff.

This webinar will address such questions as: 

  • Why do schools choose to measure Social Emotional Learning?

  • What information should schools be looking to measure?

  • When should a school begin gathering data?

  • How would a school use this data and what is it telling me?


Our Presenters:

About Liz Breese:

Elizabeth Breese is Marketing Director at Panorama Education. Liz is a sociologist (Yale ‘12 PhD). At Panorama, Liz has helped to introduce Panorama for Social-Emotional Learning to schools and districts and works with educators to share best practices around using social-emotional learning data.

About Jess Smith:

Jess Smith is the Marketing Manager at Move This World. Bringing 6+ years of agency experience, Jess works to bring Move This World's social emotional learning solutions to schools and organizations around the world to create safe and supportive schools.

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