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Managing Emotions Made Easy

Manage Mindfully, powered by Move This World, is a new kind of stress management solution that equips individuals with the tools they need to identify and manage stress in order to create healthy, engaged workforces where everyone is empowered to thrive and reach their full potential.

Because when we have tools to manage daily stresses, we have the skills to collaborate and support one another to succeed.




How It Works


Manage Mindfully is the first ever online solution of its kind with evidence based video tools used to open and close your internal meetings. Our online curriculum guides users through video tools scaffolded specifically to introduce concepts of mindfulness gradually, giving your employees time to build their emotional intelligence as they progress throughout the course and develop an authentic, engaged team dynamic where your staff can communicate openly and effectively.

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What Makes Us Different?


Manage Mindfully takes learning back to the basics, focusing on connecting mind and body. We embody our feelings and move through them. Movement is one of the most elementary forms of creative expression. Movement allows us to explore various concepts of emotional identification and management through imitation, synchronous movement, & motoric cooperation.



Accessible 24/7


Accessible on any device from your desktop to your smartphone, the Manage Mindfully e-learning platform is available twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, with ongoing resources, coaching and support. Our guided coursework makes embedding practices of emotional management and conflict resolution into the workplace as easy as pressing “play.” 



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Ritualizing Emotional Wellbeing


Team building exercises are a great reminder that in any organization, collaboration is key. But what happens after we leave the rope course? Manage Mindfully allows employers to shape the environment and culture of a workplace by encouraging an ongoing practice of checking in with and prioritizing emotional wellbeing. In order to truly change behavior both individually and as a collective, ritualization is key to creating a common language around emotional wellbeing for healthier, more resilient workforces.



How Do We Measure Effectiveness?


Manage Mindfully utilizes a triangulated approach to monitoring program quality, evaluating effectiveness and measuring departmental impact. We use a set of validated measures to assess both the overall environment of the organization and the social emotional competencies of your individual team leaders. Outcomes measured by our programming include: empathetic thinking, acceptance of others, emotional resilience skills and social awareness.



Why Is Emotional Wellbeing Important?


Empathy is muscle we must flex every day. In taking 1-2 minutes to center before your internal meetings, we can acknowledge sources of stress and distraction in our lives, both in and out of the office, and release that weight we carry daily. We all carry so much stress in our lives, so why not lighten the load? When we have the tools to manage stress and the resulting emotions, we’re able to be better listeners for our colleagues, communicate more effectively and produce every day at a higher level.


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